Explore the Magic of the Maldives: 5 Must-Have Experiences

Explore the Magic of the Maldives

It is whispered that in the next five decades, the island of the Maldives may completely disappear from the surface of the Earth. So count yourself lucky that you belong to this generation that can visit the Maldives before its disappearance, if that is the case. A collection of tiny islands, each offering a rare experience that is sure to make you go “Wow”.

The very name Maldives stirs up a feeling of a romantic getaway.  The Maldives is truly befitting for honeymooners, and it is also a wonderful holiday destination for families. Choose our best tour packages to the Maldives to visit this extravagant getaway.

The central city of the Maldives is Male, which also houses an International airport, the Valencia International Airport. The best part of your travel to the Maldives is that it has a Visa on arrival policy and that too is absolutely free. Each island here is bubbling with resorts, so you will never fall short of any accommodation options either.

Here is our list of five beautiful travel experiences you must not miss in the Maldives:

  1. Seaplane: the most practical way to reach your destination:

In the Maldives, for islands that are not accessible by boat, seaplanes are the most popular means of transportation. They are not just a mode of travel but also a scenic exploration in themselves. The atolls and islands look world-class when you are in the air, and their breathtaking views are sure to be an incredible part of your Maldivian travel experience. Keep in mind that weather conditions can affect seaplane operability, so ensure your travel plans are flexible just in case the climate is not favorable.

  1. Aquatic Adventures in Maldives

With stunning coral reefs and diverse marine life, going on an underwater adventure is surely going to be an enriching and colorful experience. You can consider going on a submarine tour, scuba diving, or even snorkeling. The Maldives is also home to some of the finest underwater restaurants, like Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. If you plan to choose any underwater adventures, make sure to choose a reputable tour operator like Ignite Travel Solution so that you can be assured of a safe and memorable experience during this delicate marine adventure.

Aquatic Adventures in Maldives
  1. Delightful Maldivian Cuisine:

The Maldivian Cuisine is primarily Indian, Sri Lankan, and Arabic, with fish, rice, onions, chilies, lemon, basil leaves, and coconuts making up the basic ingredients in many dishes. Tuna-based items are a gastronomical favorite of the people here, and you will find them in all forms, from fried to boiled to smoked, baked, dried, and canned. Flatbread similar to the Indian chapatti is also popular and is called ‘Roshi’. Visit local restaurants and snack bars to enjoy the right Maldivian flavors. Tempting, isn’t it? Book your tour package to the Maldives with Ignite Travel Solution today to savor the flavors. Enquire now. 

  1. Visit the local islands to experience genuine culture.

If you are not keen on spending a fortune on luxury resorts, the Maldives has a collection of budget islands with guest houses that can cater to the needs of the traveler. The advantage of choosing local islands is that these islands are not as overly populated as the other resort islands. Make sure you check out the reviews of different islands here in the Maldives so that you are not in for a surprise on account of any construction work. As you might be aware, some islands are still in the developmental stage. 

  1. Pamper yourself with local shopping.

The local markets in the Maldives are open from 8 o’clock in the morning until 11 o’clock in night. Shop in the Maldives for the best of handicrafts, sweetmeats, home décor pieces, other home essentials, bags, and more. Visit Island Bazaar in the Maldives to get a feel for the European style of shopping. Take home souvenirs like a miniature Dhoni, Thundu Kunaa (traditional Maldivian mats), home décor items made of coconut shells and fibers, and lacquer products like vases, plates, baskets, etc.

Make sure you don’t leave the island without stacking on some packaged fish products that you can enjoy with your family and friends when you are back home. Plan an unforgettable tour experience in the Maldives with Ignite Travel Solution, the best international tour operator in India. We create personalized itineraries for every traveler. Ignite Travel Solution offers a manageable list of ticket booking options, and hotels customized to your specifications. We also offer guidance on travel routes and travel tips so that you can enjoy a safe and comfortable journey. Choose from our list of tour packages to the Maldives today. Don’t miss this chance.

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